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//Scratch1 Campaign
John Mavolo was born in Liberia. He goes by the artist name Scratch1 and is a current New Jersey resident. Scratch1 grew up musically as rapper and has performed all over Liberia. Now he is making his name in the United States. The hip-hop rapper, songwriter R&B artist voice, style, and lyrics has set him
apart from all other artists. He has the strong love for music and the determination to make his way to the top in this music industry. Scratch hopes to work with business moguls, celebrities, etc. in the future and is open to work with everyone who is willing. Within the next three to five years he
wants to be able to work with known producers, artists, entrepreneurs, and have an large fan base.

Scratch1 music is available on all digital platforms.
//Breanna Rubio Elite Campaign
BmikeroB Presents: #3 Billboard charting artist and  single "Turn Me Up" by Breanna Rubio ft.Tyga Music Video. Breanna is a top branded artist promoted by: Digiprozs, an affillate of GECOM Corp International. Stream and download her music online, available on all digital platforms.
//Mercz Akilz Platinum Campaign
Wargate Ent. Presents: Mercz Akilz
Mercz Akilz is the first distributed artist on Wargate Ent. label. Currently Mercz just  dropped his new hot single: "Every Move",
following his eariler release, "Don't Step To Me".  Make sure you 
watch this spot for more news about Mercz Akilz in the coming weeks. Mercz Akilz music is available on all digital platforms.
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News Article

Hip hop culture has always been fueled by the soul of the inner city, the passion of the people and the voice of those who didn’t have a platform.  At the center of the movement was music—which shaped, molded and propelled the
genre into the most powerful movement since rock ‘n roll.

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